Digital Architecture and Engineering

Digitalization and rapid development of technologies have led us to a point when we need to question our existing knowledge about shapes and forms, and rediscover the way we see design.

With all the powerful resources technology provides architects and engineers now-a-days, we could take advantage to redefine the way we see and use space, while employing innovative, stronger, leaner and more environmentally-friendly materials.

Having said that, it is crucial to continue to withdraw design inspiration from our surroundings and nature, as we could find no better and complete eco system. Pushing too hard on experimentation with shapes and angles, made available to us by technological breakthroughs, is not always a manifest of quality architecture, but rather well developed digital skills.

In the fields of architecture, we need to remember sensitivity in observation, natural balance and use of light. Our mission, at eNArch, is to push the exploration of the design knowledge that we have, without losing the connection with the natural process of architecture and use of spaces.