Office: eNArch Bulgaria

Construction date: June 2015

Location: Pomorie, Bulgaria

Surface area: 2,300 m2

Value: 22,500,000€



Sewage Treatment Plant

01. Description

Reconstruction and modernization of sewage treatment plant (WWTP) – city of Pomorie. In the WWTP there are 8 different buildings. Two newly designed buildings, and six fully reconstructed and modernized.

The administrative building consists of two floors with a basement and unfolded area of ​​520m². Serve administrative functions of the site.

Workshop building with garage is a single-storey with an area of ​​270m². There are workshops garage and hygienic sanitary units with wardrobes for the staff.

Electrical substation is a single-storey building with an area of ​​270m². Electrical equipment.

Reagent holding a double-storey building with a total area of ​​320m². Treatment chemicals.

Pumping station for stabilized sludge is a single-storey building with a basement level. Space distribution is identical for both levels. In the basement there are pumps and other technological equipment.

Pumping station and recycle sewage sludge is single-storey with a basement area of ​​365m². Technological equipment which performs the separation of recirculation of excess sludge is situated here. It also includes planned premises are electrical equipment. Partially reconstructed, partially added a completely new structure.

The construction of all existing buildings, earmarked for reconstruction, is of concrete skeleton, with supporting columns and beams. The roof is flat with a board filled with concrete double T-panels, designed with a slope for drainage. The roof drainage is achieved by internal roof drains and external gutters. The surrounding elements are front and curtain concrete panels, windows with 4 PVC frames and insulating doors. In order to reach modern energy efficiency standards, walls and roof are also covered with insulation panels. Replaced roof waterproofing and placed skirt made of galvanized powder coated steel sheet as "cap" on the boards. The walls are plastered with mineral plaster and 60 cm at the base plinth strip that protects this fragile zone. All internal and external doors, and windows are replaced.

The bars building is a newly-constructed building with an area of ​​155m². It keeps the technological equipment for primary mechanical removal of contaminants. It is also planned for electrical equipment.

Blowers and dehydration is a newly-constructed building with an area of ​​270m². There is a deployment of technological equipment. It is divided into two main areas – technological equipment for dehydration, and technological equipment - blowers. It is also planned for electrical equipment.

The two newly designed buildings have metal bearing frame – columns, beams and frames. External walls and roofs are thermal panels, 8 cm thick, consistent with energy-efficient building requirements. The facade panels are mounted vertically. Panels provide horizontal guides attached to the core metal bearing structure. The roofs are pitched. Flooring is concrete. The walls have internal finishing coating, metal structure and thermal panels are visible inside. Drainage with external gutters and downpipes. Glazed PVC windows with four-chamber profile.

In buildings with advance technological equipment are provided overhead crane or hoist for removal of technological parts in need of repair or replacement. Large gates with direct access to the premises for technological equipment allow unimpeded import and export volume of machinery. Pedestrians and vehicles have access to all alleys and buildings with available ample outdoors parking, accented lighting and improvement of green spaces, including protective green strip along the edge of the property. The site is fully fenced with an entrance gateway to the east.



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