Buildings as structural entities are environmental, social, cultural and economical modifiers. Research into architecture is an act of great responsibility and needs to be performed consciously and cautiously. It is a vital stage and the following need to be considered:

Architectural processes

Architectural products

Architectural performance

The main needed and required functions of the project are being analyzed and defined. During this architecture stage, we at eNArch, develop a meticulous study as to the processes involved in the design and delivery of the project, including theories of design, possible concepts, modelling of the environment, and different issues of the design. During the architectural products analysis, aesthetics, materials, constructional techniques, etc are open for discussion. The third, performance, refers to the buildings’ function and application, once finished.

The research is crucial for all entities involved in the project to facilitate discussions and to ensure all specific requirements are taken into account. 




At this initial stages of the project, the design requirements and the initial detailed brief with the client take place. Our team of architects initiates a thorough discussion with the client to determine your aspirations, desires, vision, requirements and expectations. It is important to discuss specific parameters as to size, scope and project budget. The more information you submit to our team, the easier it would be to customize the expected project delivery and meet expectations via a cost-effective model. Local planning regulations are to be had in mind as well.

Our architects assume the responsibility to explain project phasing and sequence, and to advise on the administrative processes to follow.

Important project aspects:

Location analysis

Financial analysis

Analysis of possible solutions (for e.g. new construction vs renovation)

Selection of type of building, depending on the requirements and offered solutions

Options for the official administrative procedures

Processes to be followed and project path


Design requirements

Design requirements


Taking all the previously acquired information, we will analyze your requirements and present initial design proposals. This includes gathered details, measured surveys and all different architectural possibilities, based on the project requirements.

Alternative proposals may be provided and the design could be easily altered at this stage. Our team will guide you through the process and discuss every detail until all is clear and transparent.

General categories under which the concerns and issues of a building may be listed, and therefore addressed during the conceptualization design stage, are:

Functional zoning

Architectural space

Circulation and building form

Response to context

Building environmental impact and fit




eNArch team will verify conformity with regulations, administrative and conceptual feasibility of the project, in order to proceed with the visual representation in the form of detailed drawn plan, section and evaluation, along with project delivery schedule.

The surveys and initial design documents are being used to fully develop the schematic phase of the project and lay out all detailed required information:

Geodesy (GEO)

Architecture (ARCH)

Structural (CON)

Water and Sewerage (WAS)

Electrical (ELE)

Heating Ventilation and Acclimatization (HVAC)

Landscape (LSC)

Technology (THN)

Organization and Construction (ORG)

Fire safety (FIR)


Preliminary design

Preliminary design

Once you have gone through all details and clarified the action plan, our architects will proceed with the developed design. Full construction drawings, which could be complemented with one or all of the following additional services: building information modeling, 3D images, and 3D panorama tours in video format. Detailed specification sheets, technical and quality specifications, and even, particularly specified exterior and interior design styles, including furniture and materials used, down to the last detail, could also be requested and included in the project.

We also provide our clients with the option to entitle us to subcontract on their behalf and liaise with the specialist consultants, such as structural engineer, to incorporate our design distributions.

All documents are prepared for official approval and presentation to contractors, so that they could strictly follow the design specification during the building process.

Sometimes further studies could be requested by the client as an option in order to estimate the environmental impact both during construction and after.


Detailed design

Detailed design

The contractor is being appointed, in case the client already has selected one. Alternatively, our team needs to prepare forms of tender for main and specialist contractors. Such could be suggested by eNArch. It is advisable to review multiple offers before the final decision is made, for the way the design is delivered is almost as important as the design itself. Costing and quality of delivery is not to be undermined what-so-ever. When both the client and our architects are satisfied with the contractor’s tender, they could make official arrangements and discuss further details with the contractor.

Proper communication and process transfer is of paramount importance during this last stage. Our team will make sure to communicate all key design details to the contractor – samples of design and materials, drawings, documentation, 3D models, similar previous projects in final stage, etc.

Depending on the construction contractor’s quality of tender, further documentation may need to be elaborated and provided by our team. Not necessarily the lowest price provided during the tender would be the one of the best value.

We, at eNArch, are always delighted to discuss your projects, visionary design and functionality requirements.

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Production planning

Production planning