Chaos group is a Bulgarian company that not-very-many have heard of. They specialize in the development of software technology, with headquarters in Bulgaria and affiliates in USA, Japan and South Korea. One of their proprietary main products, though, is a world-wide famous: V-Ray.

V-Ray is a software technology that focuses on the advance 3D visualizations development – generating, processing, and editing of 3D visualizations that could be applied in multiple industries and has broad usage. Different versions of this technology have been utilized in the development of the visual effects in “Game of Thrones”, “Deadpool”, “300: Rise of an Empire”, and many others.

At, we are proud of the achievements of Chaos group and the demonstration that Bulgaria is amongst the top destinations for outsourcing IT services, 3D digitalization and architecture.

Here is what Academy Awards published on their website: “V-Ray’s efficient production-ready approach to ray-tracing and global illumination, its support for a wide variety of workflows, and its broad industry acceptance were instrumental in the widespread adoption of fully ray-traced rendering for motion pictures.

You could find more details about the SCIENTIFIC AND ENGINEERING AWARDS (ACADEMY PLAQUES) by clicking on the link.

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Advanced technology allowed us to introduce architecture and 3D visualizations to the customer with a maximum possible degree of photorealism.

3D visualizations could be particularly useful for the end customer, although things don’t exhaust with that main option. Building contractors benefit a great deal from the means of digital architecture and 3D visualizations. It provides for the contractor specific detailed information about use of materials, color schemes, decorative details, types of the adjacent territory and easy design alterations.

As an addition to the above mentioned details, it is worth noticing that the means of 3D visualizations and building information modeling (BIM) are no longer considered as upmarket options, but rather a much needed competitive advantage within a highly developed industry.

High quality photorealistic visualizations could be applied in the development of various establishments, such as:

Home design interiors and exteriors

Private organizations, cafeterias, restaurants, cinemas, gym centers, etc.

Business production line – physical products design

Landmarks creation for GPS navigation systems

Virtual reality within architecture and gaming industries

We are always trying our best to place ourselves in the position of our customers and think out of the box what their needs might be. The indicated guidelines are but a mere suggestion as to what could be covered by 3D visualization techniques. We are happy to explore those in more details should you have any other suggestions.

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